H12:One is Quiet…?

H12:One is Quiet…?

Yes,,we have been quiet lately and there’s even a small coat of Dust ont he chassis, but that does not mean noting is going on! Members of H12:One have been busy with Spring Break and ministering with Las Tres Palmas. Over the last two weeks we had about 50 people visit us and we constructed one house and a new garage/workshop for La Casa de Esperanza.  We knew it was time to start sharing this project with our visiting groups and we have our nice dinning room where all the other meetings take place, but this had to be different and to have a bit of “Oh my Gosh!!” thrown into it. That only leaves up with one special place, my favorite place, the heart beat of what we do—Our Shop!!! Yes! The shop, right were the chassis of H12:One sites and all of our tools. I brought over the hockey siren that has a yellow spinning light, and  my Klipsh 5.1 speaker system and got it all hooked up. We brought in the chairs and then walked the group over for the big surprise. Needless to say when the shop door slid open and the siren went off with a yellow light going off (the other lights were off) and we had some good pounding music playing from the group “Red”. They were Pumped! Salt Creek Baptist felt the excitement and even took up a collection for the team later that night, and it will be used to buy all of the ball joints for the new beam.

I’ve also been busy searching the internet for the best prices on parts and materials and at this time we even have chassis paints waiting to be picked up and brought down here to Baja so we can get started on treating the rust that was found in different places. The ball joints have been ordered and when we get home from Vorra Circuit races in Prairie City we’ll be ordering up more suspension pieces. We are hoping to line up the fabrication of the roll cage by May and take it in some time late in June.

Currently, at this almost very moment I’m also working on promotion/information items for our up coming trips to northern California where we’ll be visiting Horizon Community Church and Valley Community Church. We hope to be able to transfer the same amount of excitement as we had in out shed, but it’s much different when you don’t have spinning lights and thumping music. Still, we’ll be there to share our passion, vision, and over all goals.

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