Team H12:One

Our teams roster is built of mostly friends that have come together to share in this fantastic sport and to Race with a purpose. We are a team of committed Christians and friends that hold to strong values and the desire to be of service and assistance to those around us.

You will find that Team H12:One has members that are both North and South of the US/Mexican Boarder and everyone brings a special something to the team. Being that the car is garaged in Mexico, the team here will perform most of the hands on work, while our Team mates in the US will join us when they can, but will also be working hard with Logistics and Sponsorships. So take some to get to know us.

Team H12:One started with only 8 individuals and an old 69 VW Bug. They had a dream of creating a team that could race to benefit others and to help promote the legendary Class 11. Our team might have started off small, but it has now expanded to all corners of our northern Continent, including Mexico, Canada, and the US. Our team includes Families, Friends, and those that come to us as complete strangers with the desire to race with us, and leave as a part of our Racing family.

We all share a competitive nature, but yet have a stronger desire to help others, and to share our faith in Christ Jesus. We are a No Strings Attached, and require nothing other than passion to race, and the desire to Race to Finish, Race to Win, and Race to make a difference.

For many of us there was the dream of one day being able to participate in a Score Off-Road race, and to sit, stand, or kneel for the 1st Place photo of a Baja 1000, brings it all to a reality that is the result of dedication, competitive spirits and Perseverance.

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  1. Gary Holmes says:

    Good luck with your ministry of racing. It has been a very good opportunity to open doors for getting the Word out and bringing attention to Mia Casa and the work being done there.✝️🙏😎

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