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Team H12:One thanks you, our Sponsors and Product supporters for believing in Us, Our Vision, and our Purpose




We are very excited to have King Shocks as a full sponsor for Team H12:One. King Shocks are a power house in the Off-Road world. The rule King of Hammers and they Dominate the Baja. All proudly made in the USA

GLS Spray Services prides itself on hard work and delivering safety and security to those we serve. We believe in establishing healthy business relationships to our surrounding communities as we strive to increase value and raise the standard of Spray Coatings that deliver peace of mind, security, and sound integrity.


Capture the Adventure! KW Machine works of Temecula CA, will take your GoPro Camera to a new level with their precision machined camera mount. They carry a wide range of Billet Aluminum mounts for your car, bike motorcycle, and they even have a Phantom Quadcopter for your Go-Pro camera. We would like to express our thanks to KW Machine for providing H12:One with GoPro camera’s and their slick Roll Bar Camera Mounts. Be sure to go to KW Machine for all of your Go-Pro Camera needs.



Ask any Racer or Racing Enthusiast what PCI means and they will tell you, it means Quality, Service and Support. PCI prides itself on a dedicated staff of Off-Road enthusiasts that eat, sleep, live and breathe this stuff. We are Racing and Desert Enthusiasts. When you call us and ask us about a product, we can give you hands on recommendations because it’s what we use on our Dirt Bikes, Quads, Race Cars, Trucks, Raptors, RZR’s, XP1000’s, Maverick’s and Boats. We’re not a fly by night company trying to make a buck, we are dedicated to this industry and generously support every sanctioning body, land use advocate group and racer to the best of our ability. Team H12:One now races with confidence knowing that PCI Race Radios is there to support us and give us the best information to give us the best in Off-Road Communications.


When it comes to Off-Road tires you can’t settle for second best in performance and reliability, that’s why we race on BFGoodrich tires. BFG’s are also used on our primary chase vehicles, and our Cherokee Chase Rescue Recovery vehicle. BFG also provides us with free professional pit service and they can handle anything from a simple bottle of water, machining or fabrication, and they also provide medical assistance if needed. BFG has been there for us at all hours and they have left the light on for us for those late night, early morning pit stops,,,and they do it with a smile and words of    encouragement. BFG Pits,,,the guardians of the course!


With over 30 years of off road racing and engineering experience, Baja Designs is the leader in high performance off road lighting technology. Our line of high performance LED lights and LED light bars offer the  highest quality LEDs currently available combined with the finest optics and race proven durability. Each LED light and LED light bar has been hand-crafted and assembled in the USA. 1121 is outfitted with 2 XL Pro’s, 2 XL Pro Racer Edition, 2 S2 Pro’s with Green Lens’s  and  one OnX, 8″ Driving Pro Series 1 Cell LED.



We love Raceready Products! The best part about Raceready is that the crew there is always ready to talk shop, racing, and help you out the best they can. Bob, Mike, and Marco make a great team and it’s aways a favorite stop of mine. They carry a huge selection of Off-Road parts dealing with Class 5’s, 5/16’s, 10’s 12’s… and of course Class 11’s. They carry some of the best items you can think of, Bilstein, Baja Designs, Saco, Sway a Way, Bosch… you name it. So when you get tired of dry unfriendly’s,,,head on over to Raceready Products.

We are excited to have the best engine builder working on 1121. Federico Montes specializes in VW Race Engines and you can find them building engines that go to all areas of Mexico and the United States. Federico has also work hand in hand with different race circuits to help in the development of engines that last longer and that are more durable. A true professional in every way. If you need a VW based race engine Montes Motors and Transmissions is your place!

USActionTraxcom Honey Badger FINAL 2

USActionTrax are a great product that is being made right here in the US of A! In the 2017 Baja 1000 Team H12:One had the honor of giving these recovery boards their first work out in the brutal environment of the Baja. They just did not sit in the car to look pretty, they did their job more than once and they help 1121 get to the finish line on time, and to helped us clinch the Championship.


Raceline & AWC  is the preeminent leaders in aftermarket wheels for both consumer and off-road racing vehicles. Developed as a result of their deep-seated roots in off-road racing, the same performance driven technology has been adapted to create a consumer line of wheels, which are as noteworthy as their award-winning counterparts which have dominated off-road racing events globally.

Maxima is there to back you when you want to get serious about your racing. There is much to say about a product when your own engine builder insist on using a serious oil, for serious racing. Maxima Oil is H12:One’s go to oil, and not only for its race car, but for all of it’s support/chase vehicles.

Suavecito Pomade is just one small part of a huge line of products offered through Suavecito. Primarily a maker of Men’s care products, Suavecito also makes a line of women care products, Suavecita! Suavecito is a great supporter of Off-Road racing, and they themselves also compete in the Score International series. Dedicated to great Men’s and Women’s care products, and dedicated to the sport of Off-Road racing.

memomanGuillermo Ruiz, but everyone calls him “Memoman”! Memomam is the King of Fabrication and race set up. Beautifully crafted roll cages and the reenforcement of suspension parts. Everything to Score spec, and the welding is a work of art. Every piece that is welded on is carefully thought out, and Driver safety is number one.

We are very excited to have Slime on Board. Since 1989, Slime has been committed to providing their customers with high quality, innovative tire care products. As the worldwide leader in tire care, they offer a complete line that allows us to present retailers and distributors with a category solution, while giving customers the tools they need to care for their tires, save money, stay safe and have fun. Less Flats More Podiums.

ICG RACING LOGO - Edited E.G. SampleAll ICG consultants are dedicated professionals who have distinguished themselves as outstanding members of the California law enforcement community. Some of the characteristics which have identified them as leaders in their chosen career are; Teamwork, Integrity, and Commitment to Family Values. These traits are reflective , not only in our work product at ICG, but also as we spend time together in the competitive, fun and exciting world of Motocross and Off Road Racing.   


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