The Building of 1121

The build of this little Giant is going to take place at the RLM head quarters in Ensenada, Baja CA.  We have converted our home building tool shop into the now, H12:One Build Shop.

As os 01/12 we have started to disassemble H12:One and we’ll soon know where exactly to start and what we need to do. We’ll also post a “Needs” list for parts and tools needed to complete the work. Follow the Build, follow the Dream, Live the Vision.




First it was a matter of just getting all the Mud off it, so it was best to take of the fenders and get the pressure washer underneath. This is the Team that will be working on the Bug through out the  year, and we’re looking forward to having our U.S. team mates join us for lots of work,,,and lots of Fish Tacos!




In After 1121 was stripped down and cleaned up it was off to Memoman Fabrications. At Memoman Fabrications all of the roll cage work would be welded in, brackets fabricated, reenforcement, shock mounts… Basically all of the bones of th car would be beefed up and in the end we’ll have a Score legal race car.





After much cutting and welding was done we were able to bring 1121 home and get to work on body work an prep work for paint