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2017, Score International Baja 500

I saw a Facebook post that said “Everyone needs a Giant in their life to bring out the David in them”. I’ve also made the remarks that the BAJA is our Giant and Bochito is our stone. Again we faced the Giant and due to our history with the 500 I must say that I […]

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Thank you GLS Spray!

Team H12:One is very blessed to be able to announce that once again, GLS Spray services will be sponsoring the team in the up and coming 49th running of the Score International Baja 1000. GLS Spray is owned and operated by Mario Sandez, who is also one of the Co-founders of TeamH12:One, so Mario and […]

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Casa Esperanza School Project!

It maybe dirt, weeds, and rocks, but someday we pray a school will take it’s place. Team H12:One has officially kicked off it’s Baja 1000 fund raiser for Mi Casa de Esperanza. The vision is to build a school that will replace the temporary class rooms. Right now they are using rooms that were converted […]

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Rosarito Desert Challenge

The Score International Rosarito Desert Challenge. A small 32 mile loop that would have us go two laps, and 2 heats, one on Friday and one on Saturday. What could go wrong? I mean come on Score,,,we run races that are 400 miles, 500 miles, 800 miles,,,1275 miles,,,mehhh 32 miles,,,that’s it? What could go wrong? […]

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The Baja 1000, the Other Race…

It’s the 2015 Baja 1000, it’s Friday night. We just completed our pit stop in Erendira and now making our way to Check point two. BFG Relay checks in with us to make sure we are OK and moving. While driving on the highway to Colonet BFG informs us that we are officially out of the race […]

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