The Car

Why Class 11? An interesting question. Why would anyone want to climb into a basically Stock VW bug and take on one of the most dangerous races in the world. It’s putting yourself in the ultimate “underdog” situation, or think of it and the ultimate David and Goliath senario as this little car attempts to defeat some of the most rugged terrane you can imagine. Yes it is every Drivers Dream to win, but in Class 11 the Goal, and the Dream is to simply cross the finish line. I have also found the Class 11 environment to be very supportive and everyone seems to desire to teach the New Guy how it’s done.

We will be working on a 69 VW bug and we’ll be journaling it’s progress as we approach our Goal of having our bug ready to race and ready to take on the Baja 500 for 2013. Someday who knows, we might take on a different class, but for now we’ll be racing the car that is the Heart and Soul of the Baja,,,Class 11

Class 11: Stock production VW bug with roll cage and upgraded shocks and tires.

Horsepower: 72-76
Wheel Travel: 5.5 Front, 5 Rear
Weight: 1950-2100 Pounds
Top Speed: 90
Cost New: Vehicle + $3,000-5,000
Cost Per Prep: $500-2,500

Basic Rules:

– Front axle tubes may be cut, rotated, re-welded to increase ground clearance or front torsion adjusters may be installed.
– Shock tower may be gusseted and supported but gussets may not extended more than 2” above the torsion tube.
– Stock front spindles and trailing arms must be retained.
– Any rear suspension torsion bars, spring plates, and torsion bar adjusters may be used and installed.
– Rear torsion tube may be supported, only by that tube meeting a part o the roll-cage.
– Lower shock mounts on 1969 and older models may be shortened by no more than 1.5”. – Only one shock absorber per wheel is allowed. Cooling fins and resevoirs are allowed.

Engine and Drivetrain:
– Must be of VW Type 1, 1600cc components and dimensions.
– Cylinder heads must be single port.
– Stock carburetor must be used, with maximum venturi size of 24.10 mm.
– Must use stock fan shroud.
– Air cleaner may be of any manufacturer and any size; location is open.
– Transmission must be a stock Type 1, 4-speed bug.