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Why Class 11? An interesting question. Why would anyone want to climb into a basically Stock VW bug and take on one of the most dangerous races in the world. It’s putting yourself in the ultimate “underdog” situation, or think of it and the ultimate David and Goliath senario as this little car attempts to defeat some of the most rugged terrane you can imagine. Yes it is every Drivers Dream to win, but in Class 11 the Goal, and the Dream is to simply cross the finish line. I have also found the Class 11 environment to be very supportive and everyone seems to desire to teach the New Guy how it’s done.

1121 is best known as “Bochito”.  Right away the children of Mi Casa Esperanza started to call 1121, Bochito! And that is pretty much how everyone refers to 1121. Bochito is a Class 11 limited class off-road racing vehicle. And what makes Class 11 unique is the fact that it is a Race car running in some of the most brutal conditions, and doing it with mostly stock components.

Body; Bochito started out as a daily driver and a 1969 Volkswagen Bug, original shape and size, metal fenders, metal front and rear hoods.

Front Suspension;

Stock reinforced front ball joint beam

Stock reinforced control arms

Stock leaf springs

Stock unmodified ball joints

Bilstein 9100 series reservoir shocks

Rear Suspension

  Stock reinforced trailing arms

Sway Away M300 torsion bars

King Kong torsion adjuster

Bilstein 9100 series reservoir shocks

Porsche 944 stub axles

Transmission. Bochito has two transmissions to allow a backup or alternate race transmission to meet sanction rules.

Trans #1; Stock Type One case

Type 2 flanges

.091 Billet Aluminum differential

Weddle Gear packs w/ 3rd and 4th closed ratio and 1st and 2nd stock

Chromoly main shaft

Stage One Kennedy clutch and pressure plate.

Transmission #2

Stock type 1 case with type 2 flanges

Weddle Super differential

Weddle Gear packs stock ratio

Stock main shaft.


   Bochito runs with a Low Compression motor vs. High compression ratio

Stock compression ratio of 8.5:1

Stock barrels and pistons

High Performance camshaft

8 dowel stock crank shaft

044 Heads w/stock lifters and valves

Dual barrel Webber carburetor running on 92 Octane fuel with no additives

Stock distributor with Compufire Electronic ignition

Wheel and Tire set up

   All BF Goodrich tires

235/65 r15 All Terrain KO2’s in the rear

7.00×15 BFG Super Trax up front, or Long Trail 220/75 r15’s.


All PCI Race Radio Communications. Radio, Intercom, Antenna, Fresh air pumper, all the best!

Race Lights:

Bochito runs with Baja Designs LED lights.  XL Pro’s, XL Racer edition, Onx 6 plus amber 10″ bar

Rescue Recovery:

Outfitted with USAction Trax recovery boards.          Speed Strap for emergency towing


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