The Body is OFF!

The Body is OFF!

This was a big day for H12:One! Well,,,we have many big days, and all seem very important as we climb our mountain to the Baja 500. The day got started as the guys shuffled in and we all kind of scratched our heads as to how to go about this, and of course I was forgetting important stuff like my iTouch for music, the camera, the memory card for the camera, and I was also in Email Communications with Slime in regards to Sponsorship… The guys had a good laugh at my “I’ll be Right Back, I need to…”. I’d give them a small list of stuff to do and off they would go. I must say that the clean up work we did the week prior made a world of difference as we did not need to hassle the mud, dirt, and grime that was everywhere. The process was about as easy as everything I read on-line, and Jim Graham from the Desert Ding Team gave me that extra push over the top in providing some good information on removal of the body.


So we got into it and nothing is better than the sound of wrenches clanking and ratchet drives ratcheting, and some good old Rock n’ Roll in the back ground. We moved our way about the car making sure every bolt was removed and we did so with much glim in our eyes as we had received good news in Regards to Slime! So it was Time,,,I think we’re ready,,,video camera set and Record button is on, car’s off the jack and stands, Debbie is set with her camera and we’re off… The 4 guys did some jerking and lifting,,, I was watching and making sure we did not have any hang ups or cables connected,,,,well ok,,,I was doing the “Old Man get out of the way stuff”. One—Two—-Threeeee, and up she came. There were a few grunts and stumbling around, and yes, the Old Man had to help with some of the lifting and walking the body out of the shop, but it was OFF!

So now we have a Chassis, a body, and an almost kind of head scratch saying “OK,,,now What?” Well, now we need to asses the chassis and suspension, which I already know we need a Front Beam, we have some floor pan rust and corrosion to deal with and and Lots of Sanding. As they say down here in Mexico “Un Poco, Un Poco”  Little by little… We race to Finish, we Race with a Purpose.

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