Front End Business

Front End Business

We’re getting a bit closer to having everything off and cleaned up. After today the next big step will be looking at the suspension work for the rear end, and having a front beam fabricated,,,shall I dare to do the cut and turning?? We’re also working as a team to settle on our Logo ideas being presented by an Online service, and we hope to have a concept voted on soon. Then we can proceed to have the final versions made up,,,or we’ll scrap it and start over with someone else. My wife Debbie was funny and said she still likes my hand drawn logo the best,,,so we’ll see what we can do.

On the Front End business I attended our RLM board meeting and although they loved the idea, concept, and the ministry possibilities they had many questions that involved driver safety and  protecting the Ministry from accident claims or the accusations of being involved in accidents. It was also determined that the RLM of Mexico Board will need to have the final word on the approval of this being included in part of RLM’s ministry, but they noted that the Mexico board move forward with this idea contingent on their concerns of protecting the ministry and those participating. One of the realities to all of this is the class we’ll be racing in. We won’t be one of those Trophy Trucks you see flying over hills and such with crowds of people standing shoulder to shoulder,,,we’ll be the little guy averaging about 25 MPH and maybe reaching speeds of 60-70 mph. As one Team mate Mario said, “If we run off of the road they’ll be able to have enough time to grab the kids, ice chest, and carne asada. ”

This has spurred some great questions and investigations and we’re still putting together information in regards to “protecting yourself” and your organization while racing in Mexico. So far from what we can see part of our entry fee ($450.00) will go towards a policy that protects you as you race in the event you registered for.  Also as we look at this we will be looking at how the whole structure will take place and how Ministry will be involved. The board meeting is scheduled for March 17th and at that time I hope to win their hearts in this potencial ministry outreach.

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