Slime’s On Board!!!

We are very excited to get the news that Slime, yes Slime, the company that makes the Green Tire Saving, Life Saving Green Goop is going to stand with Team H12:One! We like to express our thanks to Joe Bowman and the whole Slime Team for believing in our Dream and most of all, Our Cause. Soon when you enter our shop and Dinning room you will see that we’ll be taking Slime with us to the the Finish Line, and then on to make great things happen in the lives of the Mother’s and their Children at Casa Esperanza! We’d also like to thank Teammate Brian Blood for your help in making this happen. ┬áSo, go out and get some SLIME!!! What are you waiting for!!!!

About Dennis "EnseNADAslim"

Dennis is a Missionary with Real Life Ministries of Mexico. He currently has 16 years in Mexico and has been co-ordinating groups that do housing projects for the Poor, and also works with La Casa de Esperanza, a refuge home for Mothers and their Children. Dennis is in Love and Married to his beautiful wife, and team mate Debbie "La Rubia" Hollenbeck. They have two wonderful daughters that live in the U.S. and now has one cool Son In-Law. Oh yea, did we mention he likes Off-Road Racing??

Stay in the Race with H12:One!

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