Are you Ready Little Bug?

Are you Ready Little Bug?

IMG_7252Are you ready little bug? Some know the answer to the question, but some might not. Even as a team we found out, but you still tend to live in a bit of a fog of disbelief of the events that just took place. I can’t even begin to rack up the amount of hours and planning that went into this race and you constantly felt as if there is one more thing left to do,,,well OK, about a 100 things left to do. There were times you felt as if you had too much support, too many ideas coming at you and then, there were times you can really feel alone as questions in your emails come back unanswered. You do all you can do with the knowledge you have and still remains the Question,,,”Are you Ready Bochito?” Yes it’s a hunk of metal with some oil and gas in the mix, but for some reason this little bug, or as we call it “Bochito” has a bit of a personality.

It’s been know to inspire others to reach out and to turn dreams into realities. It’s caused others to raise their arms and feel victorious DSC_6058even if there is not prize to grab on to. It has brought hope to a place where sometimes hope does not exist, and sometimes Bochito simply brings a smile as it gently rolls up unannounced. I can only imagine if Bochito could talk and what it was thinking the night before this big race…





IMG_7246Well guys,,,for weeks you have been pulling on me, taking my equipment on and off, and wowing me with new parts and pieces,,,but right now as everyone stands and talks I need to ask you this,,,Are you Ready? Are you ready to drive me and guide me the distance? We have 1275 miles to go and I’ll do my best to hold it together,,,but I’ll need your help. I not only feel my own weight on my tires, but I feel the weight of hopes and dreams of the little hand prints that now sit on my fenders.




I hear there is a plan, but is the plan good enough? Where will I get my fuel?, when will you check my oil?,,,,and what will happen if I getIMG_7261 stuck? I realize we have ZERO time,,,not like those huge Trophy Trucks,,,and that I just don’t understand. I’ll have the worst of the worst after they have torn through the course! The Silt Ruts can bury me, rocks bigger than my tires will get kicked on to the course, I’ll be at the tail end of the pack, who’s going to be out there to HELP ME!?!?! Yes, I hope you have a plan and all I can do is to put my trust in it, so if you can do your best,,,I’ll do my best and give you everything I have.




IMG_7254It’s kind of a scary thing to sit and wait. I have no idea what is waiting for me,,,but we’ll find out soon enough. Hold the wheel tight, keep my RPM’s rev’d up because that’s how I lik’m to be. Watch my oil pressure and make sure the temps don’t get to high. You have fans, lights, coolers, radios, a GPS and all kinds of stuff I’m giving you,,,so pay attention and keep your eyes on the mark, the goal, the finish,,,but let’s take this one mile at a time. The Baja,,,it’s waiting for me,,,and as beautiful as it is it’s waiting to swallow me whole. You take care of me, and I’ll take care of you. Let’s do this! Let’s race to make it to the finish, Let’s race to WIN, and let’s race to make a difference to the little hands that are on my Fender,,, I’ll cya in the Morning.