Class 11 Invasion

Class 11 Invasion

Team H12:One would like to announce that again we will be hosting multiple Class11 teams for the Baja 1000. We are excited to open out gates to the Class 11 community and to give our friends and competitors a place to hang their cap, a place to forget their tools, and a place to leave their spot on our concrete. This is a fun time as we have the opportunity to share secrets (not all of our secrets), strategies (not all mind you), and of course,,,,kick up some dust of the races that have come and gone. We’ll be welcoming in for the second time,,,The Desert Dingo’s from Santa Cruz Ca. USA and Team Solorzano from Tijuana, BC, Mexico.

Last year was out first time doing this and it was amazing to see all the work that was going on prior to the race. The neighborhood was buzzing with High revving RPM’s and had that fresh aroma of High Octane Racing fuel. So if you are looking for place to look deep into the world or Class 11 racing come on by. All together there will be over 30 years of racing experience and stories, and let me tell you, Eric Solorzano who has won multiple Class 11 Championships has plenty of stories to tell.


Class 11 Champion, Eric Solorzano


The Desert Dingos


Team H12:One Racing