H12:One’s New Home!

H12:One’s New Home!

One can sit and Dream, One can Ponder a Vision—but nothing will come of either if you don’t get up and get to work. Today that’s exactly what we did as we confronted our first bit of Concern—where do we work on the car? We have our bulk storage area, but not enough room. We have the space under the upper deck,,,but if it rains we’re in trouble. What about the Shop? Yea,,,the shop! Why didn’t I think of that? We got started this morning and basally had to convert it from a “Steel Stud Chop” shop into a Mechanic Bay. We had lots of dust to sweep, a work bench that was a mess, and our Chop Table would need to be moved. So Sergio and I  got to work moving stuff from one end to another, throwing away stuff, and totally reorganizing the place. It was amazing to see it open up and become this nice new Clean Shop. It was fun having the guys shuffle in and watch them get to work and there was no need to motivate any one as we all were sharing a dream and a vision, first Cesar, then Fernando, then Ruben.

Next we had one dirty Bug and it had layers of Mud packed on to the underside, and for it to fit into the shop (I think) we had to remove the fenders,,,or it would just make it easier. With all the mud we knew it would be much easier to use the pressure washer to clean it, then remove the fenders, and then clean it again. The last thing we wanted to do is to roll that bug into the shop and then have all of that caked on Mud to deal with. The process went fairly smooth and before we knew it the rear fenders were off and it was time for lunch. We had a bit of a celebration and Debbie cooked up a Huge Pot of Pozzole (Mexican Chicken Soup). We had that and topped it off with ice cream and strawberries. I also took this down time to explain my vision for this race team and how I wanted the guys at my table to be the Core of the Mexico Team, and how there were also Teammates in the US and together we’ll be racing to make a difference. They all seemed pretty excited and I made it clear that School, Jobs, and Family will be a priority over this project and how I’d better not catch them skimping on their Homework to come over and work on the car.

So it was back to the Ministry Site to continue the work and we proceeded to clean the front end, remove the fenders, and spray it down one last time to try and get all of the mud off. I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with Mud for a while,,,it’s everywhere. It was now time for the big event,,,let’s move the bug into the newly converted shop,,,but will it fit? We had kind of a tight turn to make and each side only clears it by inches, but hey! I was a UPS Driver,,,I can back into any space! With a few hand directions and motions, cranks of the wheel, and a easy clutch,,,, Ahhhhh, she slid right into her new home. So,,,that’s where H12:One sits for now and next week we’ll tackle the Body Removal and start cleaning the Chassis and prepare for the Suspension work. We’re having a good time, and we thank the Lord for this great vision.

Standing Left to Right,,,Fernando, Sergio Lopez, Dennis “EnseNADAslim” Hollenbeck, and Cesar Sandoval


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