Author: Dennis

Race to Finish, Race with a Purpose

GLS Spray, Taking Care of 1121

Team H12:One Racing needs to give a big thank you to our Sponsor GLS Spray, and Co-Founder Mario Sandez. This year GLS Spray will be sponsoring 1121’s entry into the 2014 Tecate Score Baja 1000! GLS Spray is a unique company that deals in industrial Fire Protection Spray Coatings. Mario Sandez operates out of Poway,…
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2nd Place, San Felipe 250!

We have been home for a week now and still cleaning up from the San Felipe 250 and we’re almost there. Amazing the number of things that need to be done before and after the race. This was a race we almost did not make. We scheduled some pre-run time to take place the weekend…
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Welcome to Class 11 HQ!

Welcome to LTP Race Headquarters, home of Team H12:One For this Baja 1000 Las Tres Palmas ministry site played host to two Class 11 teams, the Desert Dingos and CBCFS Racing. Our quiet facility soon turned into race central and the clean crisp air was filled with the smell of high octane fuel, grinding metal…
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Racing in the Baja 1000, 2013

The day started a bit hectic and you must realize that there were three teams preparing to leave. No matter how much you prepare there always seem to be last minute details and stuff you just don’t think about. You soon see a cleared shop floor, vehicles loaded up, and then there is one thing…
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Contingency Day!

How many times have we parked our car, walked over to contingency row and watched the show, take the pictures, shoot the video, and then head home? Contingency day is when you roll your car into Score’s impound area for it’s safety inspection, but somewhere along the line long ago someone set up a taco…
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