Author: Dennis

Race to Finish, Race with a Purpose

Second Place at Yerington 300 Desert Race!

We pulled into Yerington, Nevada Thursday night and man the wind was really blowing hard! Because it was so late we knew it would be best if we got a hotel for the night as we knew that setting up a tent in the freezing cold howling wind, at Night would have not been the…
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Running Like a Dingo!

We took off  from Lake Forest, CA loaded down with our display board, camping gear and kayaks on a cloudy windy day and soon the clouds opened up and let the rain fall down. All the way to Galt, CA! Rain, rain, rain. No worries we have a great week planed and a week from…
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H12:One is Quiet…?

Yes,,we have been quiet lately and there’s even a small coat of Dust ont he chassis, but that does not mean noting is going on! Members of H12:One have been busy with Spring Break and ministering with Las Tres Palmas. Over the last two weeks we had about 50 people visit us and we constructed…
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Shopping H12:One Style

This last week Deb and I knocked out about 4 birds with one stone, sadly the San Felipe 250 was not one of them, but still,,,we had a great time. We drove the Plymouth up to have some work done on her, we attended the Temecula Rod Run, spoke at our home church and went…
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We have a LOGO!

Our new Logo is done and in the books! We went with Logo Design Works and it was a great process in getting the final product. We wanted to display a couple things, such as,,, Where we’ll be racing, What we’ll be racing, and how we’ll be racing. It was kind of fun seeing how…
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