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We Race with a purpose, a Cause, We Race For Casa Esperanza!

Casa Esperanza is an outreach Center that sits in the Rural country side of Southern Ensenada. This home is open to to single Mothers with children that find them selves abandoned or trying escape from Domestic Violence. This home can house and care for up to 20 Mom’s and their children, and some are as young as 16-17 years old. Dennis and Debbie Hollenbeck (H12:One founders) have been involved with Casa Esperanza for 10 years and mainly help out with building and infrastructure needs, and now hopefully with your help and TeamH12:One we hope to help out in a new way. As the desire to race increased so did the desire to not just race, but to serve a purpose in Racing, and La Casa De Esperanza is that purpose. The number of Drug rehab centers for men out weigh the number of Re-Hab homes for those that become the victims of the Drug abuse, and Casa Esperanza so desires to make a difference in the live of those Mothers that are the victims, and most of all, their Children.

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  1. Brian Dearing says:


    I’m writing to find out if there’s a way to help. The ones you race for are close to my heart. My childhood was similar to their’s and after my parents died, I was lost for many years. They both died before I was nine. Then the Lord redeemed me and I’d love to share the gifts He’s given me with this cause. Why this? It combines some of my favorite things: helping where there’s a need, off-road racing, Dana (Bruce) Brown movies, and faith. There’s several areas we’d be able to lend a hand:
    — Fund raising at churches in the Northwest. The one thing I’m really good at is speaking publicly. I’ve done sales and customer service most of my career.
    — Support the chase team. We have a more than capable off-road vehicle and RV. A family group that wants to help this team. Some Christian brothers with skills in these areas (one was a record holder at Bonneville… Another is a professional mechanic.)
    — Filmmaking and social media presence. As a young person, it was my dream to be a filmmaker and that’s what I studied in college and I’m still passionate about that work.

    When you have an opportunity, please write back and let us know how we can help. Brian Dearing, Beaverton Oregon, 503-431-1349

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