H12:One RaceAthon!

For a mother and her children their path can be a lonely path; their path can be a violent path; their path can leave them feeling stranded with no hope and no support; their path can be filled with more mountains to climb than they feel they are able to climb. 

 But their victory will come as they seek the purpose for their lives and walk that path with faith. Their victory will come as the Lord restores their strength, not to avoid the towering mountains, but to conquer them. A day will come when they will finish their race and hear the words, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” Thank you Casa Esperanza for helping in the restoration of Faith, Trust and Love in the women who seek refuge within your walls.

Team H12:One will not only race to bring awareness to Mi Casa de Esperanza, but also to raise funds for them via a MileAthon. If you wish to participate in the MileAthon please refer to the links provided. You can like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/h12oneracing?fref=ts, and there will be fund raising links there. You can get more information about H12:One or the car on our website at TeamH12one.com . If you wish to become a participating part of the team, please contact Dennis Hollenbeck at dennis@teamh12one.com.

As we race, our path can often be a lonely one, and it can also be a violent path. We can find ourselves broken down and stranded with no hope of help or support, and yes, at times more mountains than we believe we can climb. But, we will race, we will race for Mi Casa de Esperanza.