Casa Esperanza’s History

La Casa De Esperanza is the result of two women that had a heart for battered and abused women, and as victims of spousal abuse themselves they even more wanted to reach out to make a difference and provide a refuge house. Their humble beginnings started in a two story house in the southern end of Ensenada and at times they had 15 Mom’s and their children all living in this one house.  Terry Mcflintrige, one of the Co-directors found a way to make sure the women and their children had a place to sleep, food to eat, a way to wash their cloths, and transportation so the kids could get to school. That is actually how Dennis Hollenbeck go involved with Casa Esperanza as he would load up his Van every morning and take the kids to school.

In 2002 Terry acquired about 6 acres of land in a very rural area of Ensenada and one day she handed Dennis a piece of note book paper that had a hand drawn plan for a Refuge Home and she simply said “Can you help us Build this?” Enough said, and the work began. In Total The complex is comprised of 4 main sections, and 3 of the 4 include housing for the Mom’s and their Children. They have one building that is even made from Hay Bails! There is one building that acts as Office space, kitchen, Dinning room, Nursery and Director’s housing. Still though, even with these new building and lots of room the Casa had, and continues to have some very Challenging issues to deal with. They are in rural area so basic necessities such as water is sometimes not available, and the rains bring some very sloppy and un-passible roads.

There have been many Mother’s with children that have come through the doors of Casa Esperanza. Some have held on to the values and life skills they acquired while at the Casa. Many have dedicated their live to Christ and have found new hope and love in this relationship with Jesus. Many live today in homes of their own, they work, they tend to their Children, and they Live each day knowing they are loved. However, some walk away with bitter hearts unwilling to make the sacrifices needed to turn their lives around. Some of the physical and emotional scars they bare run very deep. And for these Mothers Casa Esperanza will always have an open door too.

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