GLS Spray, Taking Care of 1121

GLS Spray, Taking Care of 1121

Team H12:One Racing needs to give a big thank you to our Sponsor GLS Spray, and Co-Founder Mario Sandez. This year GLS Spray will be sponsoring 1121’s entry into the 2014 Tecate Score Baja 1000! GLS Spray is a unique company that deals in industrial Fire Protection Spray Coatings. Mario Sandez operates out of Poway, CA, but they’re spray guns reach to all areas in Southern California. Mario has much to do with where we are today in the world of racing as it was his invitation to ride along with him as he chased for a Motorcycle team during the 2010 Baja 500. Mario’s son, Nick Sandez participated as a rider in that race and it was his first time participating in the Baja 500. At that time Nick was only 18 years old. During this time I saw a much different picture about what happens during a race when,,,you are in a race. There is no more BBQ’s, hanging out, sitting around… You are always on the move, and when you do stop, you stop and wait, and wait, and wait some more. I found it very interesting that everything you do is for one purpose,,,keep that Motorcycle rolling, and even though you are not on that bike, you are still taking part in the Team Effort in completing the race.

That’s Marion you see helping out the Co-Driver from another race team.

Thing got serious in January of 2012 when the idea of building a Class 11 car to race in the Tecate Score Baja 500. As soon as Mario got word he was on board and ready to help in anyway. We sat in a Wendy’s in Poway on a wet and rainy day along with Mario’s good friend Fernando Huerta and started to talk about the type of team we wanted to build, and what races we would participate in. We never made it to the Baja 500, but our work and efforts would now shift to the 2013 Baja 1000. The amazing thing for me is that as we rolled towards this race, and all of the preparations Mario would call at the perfect time. There were frustrating moments, times when nothing seemed to be working out, and it’s during those times Mario would give a call, give that pat on the back (or kick in the pants), make ya laugh, then,,,get me focused and back on track.

The first time I met Mario he was at Casa Esperanza looking at a potential job and Mario was also down helping with Prerun efforts for an up coming race. Mario came by to inspect the project as GLS Spray would be sending down the manpower and equipment to texture coat Casa’s new building. Now Mario returns to enjoy seeing this building operating at full capacity, and to watch the kid’s and mom’s sit down to enjoy a BBQ and to line up to receive their new H12:One Race Tshirt. It was during one of those moments that Mario simply observed and listened to the kids laugh and scream with excitement,  and then said this “Denny,,,for all we do, and all that goes into this race,,,this makes it all worth it. Thank you Mario for helping make Dreams come true. Thank you GLS Spray for believing in what Team H12:One is really racing for.

Marion with 1121, San Felipe 250 02/2014