El Kepo H12:Uno, Mexico

Sergio Lopez! Shop Manager, Co-Driver. We known Sergio since he was 10! Sergio is handy with construction and much of this racing scene is very new to him, but he’s excited to be a part of it. Sergio is our shop manager and he is responsible to keeping everything in order and helping schedule work days at the shop. We’re looking forward to seeing Sergio take his skills in Construction and transforming them into Mechanics and building.


Fernando “Fercho Bongo” Co-Driver, Public Relations. Fernando is 20 years old and will be starting with his College education at the University of Baja California and will be studying Language. Fernando keeps us laughing and well entertained but make no mistake about it, he is serious when it comes to chasing Dreams and making them become a reality. Fernando also has a unique and wonderful way in expressing our goals as a team and he will working as our Local Public Representative. Fernando also plays a mean guitar and can keep a smooth beat on the Drums,,,a young man with many Talents.


Ruben Lopez, Co-Driver, Mechanics. Ruben completes the “All Brother” team as he and Sergio are brothers. Ruben is the quiet one in the shop but he’s also the “Grinder” in the Shop. Having worked in some of the local wreaking yards Ruben is not afraid to dig into the work and do what ever is needed to get it done. He’ll wrench, scrape, sand, and do it all with our a complaint,,,just pure “Get it Done!” attitude,,,but in a quiet way. Ruben hopes to some day attend the University of Baja California and study in the area to Technical Mechanics.


Cesar “Suave” Sanduval, Co-Driver/Parts Scrounger. Cesar is currently in his second year studying Busies administration at the University of Baja California.  Cesar seems to be fitting in as our local Go-for, scrounger, and constantly digs for the information we need to build this Class 11. Cesar has more racing experience that all of his Baja Teammates as he is and expert Bicyclist. Cesar is an accomplished rider in Road, Mountain Bike, and Oval racing, and at one time was ranked in the Top Five in Mexico in his age category. Cesar has raced from the Tip of Baja, to the South Tip of Baja, Mainland Mexico, and everywhere in-between.

Debbie “La Rubia” Hollenbeck. Photographer/Team Mom/ Co-Driver. Every Team needs a queen, and Debbie is ours! She also acts a Mom to the guys and keeps them feed on build days. Debbie is our Team Photographer and is considering taking the seat as Co-Driver. In general Debbie is always up for some crazy adventure that her Husband Dennis is into, but this will be bit different from paddling in her Kayak off of the Baja Coast line. Debbie wares many hats, but her favoirite is her interaction with the guys she call “My Boys”, and Debbie is also involved in Construction and she even owns her own tool Belt and impact gun.

 Dennis “EnseNADAslim” Hollenbeck. Co-Founder/Driver/PR/Visionary.  Dennis Hollenbeck is working towards living a Dream, but he also hopes to open doors to allow others to live out theres. Although he’s moving towards getting this team going, his love for the Baja Races goes way back and as far as we are considered,,,it’s like a holiday. Dennis is kind of like a jack of all trades, but a master at None and he’s not afraid to roll up the sleeves and get to work. He wrenches on the 69 bug, but he also loves to spend time with is 63 Plymouth Sport Fury. You can catch up with Dennis at his Youtube Channel where he has some of his Edited Baja Vid’s.  He Thanks God for this tremendous opportunity to bring friends together, to Race for Casa Esperanza, and Serve the communities that surround them.








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