Race to Finish, Race with a Purpose

Front End Business

We’re getting a bit closer to having everything off and cleaned up. After today the next big step will be looking at the suspension work for the rear end, and having a front beam fabricated,,,shall I dare to do the cut and turning?? We’re also working as a team to settle on our Logo ideas…
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The Body is OFF!

This was a big day for H12:One! Well,,,we have many big days, and all seem very important as we climb our mountain to the Baja 500. The day got started as the guys shuffled in and we all kind of scratched our heads as to how to go about this, and of course I was…
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Slime’s On Board!!!

We are very excited to get the news that Slime, yes Slime, the company that makes the Green Tire Saving, Life Saving Green Goop is going to stand with Team H12:One! We like to express our thanks to Joe Bowman and the whole Slime Team for believing in our Dream and most of all, Our…
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A Day with Bill

I had received  lead from a friend and he told me of a guy by the name of Bill Lawrence that is the Director and founder of an orpanage that sits about an hour south of Ensenada, it called Rancho Santa Marta. I sent out a contact form to see if I could get a…
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H12:One’s New Home!

One can sit and Dream, One can Ponder a Vision—but nothing will come of either if you don’t get up and get to work. Today that’s exactly what we did as we confronted our first bit of Concern—where do we work on the car? We have our bulk storage area, but not enough room. We…
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