Race to Finish, Race with a Purpose

Nearing Completion

We are on the home stretch to having 1121 ready to go for the Baja 1000! Still left to do: Engine started, tuned on the Dyno, and back in 1121 Front tires to order and mount

H12:One Comes Home

We have been walking into the shop and we were getting a little sad to continue to see it empty, meaning, there was no car to work on. Yes the car has been in the shop way to long, but we are confident that we had the best cage builder in Baja California working on…
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The Baja 1000

Hola from Mexico, home of the Baja 250,500 and 1000 I realized that I never sent any kind of an update or report from the Baja 1000!! It was such a whirlwind of events that took place before, during and after the race that it all just go tangled in with every day life. For…
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Prep’n for the Baja 1000!

I remember sitting in the grand stands of the Speedway with my Dad and how I wished I could some how get on that track and race. Then one day I stood in a dry river bed and watch a Class 9 buggy go by during my first visit to watch the Baja 500. Again…
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A Desert Dingo Adventure

This last weekend I was here at home to welcome home our Daughter and her husband for a unique family gathering. Meantime the Desert Dingos were tearing it up at Prairie City, CA for their season closer. They had a great weekend and took 1st for the weekend and overall they ended up in second…
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